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Our Fire Fighting Equipments are highly efficient, powerful and reliable. Our products are subjected to multiple levels of quality evaluations. Further, we have a large manufacturing facility with appropriate equipment to create these products. We produce and supply all classes of fire extinguishers such as to extinguish flammable liquids, organic solvents, fire involves electrical equipment, kitchen fire, combustible metals, lumber, cardboard etc. Our products are available in various sizes for different purposes. We supply these products at the best market price.

Quality Assurance

At our organization we give adequate significance to the detailing of products. We never compromise on quality and our team is dedicated to continually working on improvement and performance. Our products meet all recommended quality regulations which means our products are complied with building regulations, fire extinguisher class recommendations and all said industry guidelines. We provide total quality assurance that complies with all relevant legal obligations. Our flow meters and measuring equipment are meticulously maintained and tested for accuracy.

Manufacturing Process

We procure raw materials from authentic vendors. For each batch of raw materials, we put through inspection before passing it for production activity. We use mild steel sheet and sheet rolling machine is used to cut to the desired dimensions for production of cylindrical vessels. It depends on the type of extinguisher required.  We use high quality epoxy powder coating of minimum 50 micron internally and externally by electrostatic charge. The extinguisher materials are filled with the help of nitrogen pressure at precisely desired pressure with proper regulation, calibration and measurement. Our whole manufacturing process is monitored by qualified engineers and technicians.